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Upper Left Front "pocket" Image
(subject to change but always cool)

NukeDemo Enterprises has loads of NukeStuff for sale. We have shirts in small, medium, large and X-large even XX-large shirts. What else do we have? Damn near anything you could possibly want, as long as it’s a shirt. However, at NukeDemo Enterprises we are constantly upgrading our inventory of COOL NukeStuff, so if we don’t have it now, I’m sure we will sometime. NukeDemo Enterprises also offers specialty services for Motor Sports enthusiasts. These services include welding (MIG, TIG, Stick and Oxy fuel), fabrication of parts and emergency repairs. Portable welding services are also available. We also do repair work and modifications to wrought iron gates & fences, pipe corrals, motorcycle components, roll bars, go-carts & mini-bikes, aluminum heads, headers, etc.


NEW!! KrackKiller™ Over-alls! They really work! The guy on the left isn't wearing KrackKiller’s™. Disgusting isn't it, butt, the guy on the right is and his crack is invisible!!